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Department of Biology

School of Health Sciences - School of Medicine Department of Biology

Biology is an exciting and rapidly developing subject area in recent years. This progress, accompanied by with the rapid development of novel genomic technologies, directs Medical Science and its applications for the benefit of the patient.

The Biology Laboratory of the Medical School of NKUA was founded in 2002 with the aim of excellence of undergraduate and postgraduate students’ education in the individual disciplines of cell - molecular biology and genetics and the conduction of high level biomedical research.

Our research activities focus on clarifying the role of key molecular mechanisms and genetic factors in physiological functions and pathological conditions. The Laboratory of Biology encourages a cross-disciplinary approach within and outside the traditional borders of Biology and medicine, including Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering and Informatics, all of which are advancing at a great pace.

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Professor Aristidis G. Iliopoulos, Director of the Biology Laboratory